Repository Benefits

Contributes to the Development of the Provincial Electronic Health Record
Historically, patient health information has existed in different formats (paper, test results, electronic data) and in different locations (hospitals, physician offices, specialty clinics, etc.). Electronic health records ensure that all patient information is captured electronically so that it may be accessed, at any time, by clinicians across Ontario. HDIRS has been designed to integrate with the electronic health record.

Reduces the Number of Diagnostic Imaging Retakes
When diagnostic images can be shared electronically, retakes of the same test from one health care facility to another are no longer necessary. As a result, costs associated with image retakes are eliminated, as are delays in treatment. This eliminates unnecessary duplicate tests, which expose the patient to radiation unnecessarily.

Reduces Costs
Rather than each hospital having their own data storage and personnel to support that storage, a number of HDIRS partners have reduced their information technology (IT) costs through HDIRS.

Enhances Risk Management
The system is continually tested to ensure disaster recovery and business continuity. The HDIRS repository has two physically separate data centres situated in two different locations. The data centres are continually backed up.

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30% of Ontario’s population is being served by HDIRS.