Partner Health Facility Benefits

Benefits to Hospitals and Independent Health Facilities

  • Provides for greater data security and disaster recovery capability
  • Radiologist and technologist productivity increases with the implementation of PACS. The same level of staff (working in the former film environment) processes more exams in the PACS environment
  • Sharing project personnel resources (through the HDIRS office) allows for improved business and IT support
  • Support staff costs have been reduced (film librarians, clerical staff, transcription staff)
  • Space has been freed up by moving storage off-site
  • Staff attraction and retention has improved. Radiologists (who are in short supply) will choose to work in a state-of-the-art environment versus a dated film environment
  • The system is “green”– it creates a paperless and filmless environment
  • Cost savings are realized through the elimination of film and on-site storage facilities
  • The cost of supplies and support staff are reduced due to electronic automation of processes and the elimination of film
  • Common procurement (among the HDIRS partners) allowed for cost savings of 20% in capital and 15% in ongoing operational costs
  • Contributes to the provincial electronic health record
  • Rather than each hospital having its own data storage and personnel to support that storage, each partner can reduce their information technology (IT) costs
  • Education and training processes are standardized and centralized
  • Security and privacy issues are addressed collaboratively
  • PACS and the digital imaging repository have provided a foundation for other advanced digital technologies, in the area of diagnostic imaging and other health disciplines, to be implemented upon
  • HDIRS aligns with Canada Health Infoway’s vision of a pan-Canadian, interoperable electronic health record (EHR) and the provincial eHealth strategy
  • The project incorporates state-of-the-art business continuity and disaster recovery facilities

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30% of Ontario’s population is being served by HDIRS.