Who We Are

HDIRS is an independent corporation responsible for building and operating a diagnostic imaging repository that enables storage and retrieval of electronic images, such as X-rays and ultrasounds, and patient records.

The concept of HDIRS was developed in 2006 when ten Ontario hospital  corporations agreed to combine resources and develop a shared diagnostic imaging repository. Since then, 13 additional hospital corporations joined the partnership, and today 23 hospital corporations, made up of 38 health facilities, are represented by HDIRS. Additionally, HDIRS is integrating Independent Health Facilities (IHFs). Currently, over 100 client IHF locations are integrated to HDIRS.

When HDIRS formed, eight of the partner hospitals were using film X-rays. The first HDIRS task was to replace film with a digital technology called the picture archiving communications system (PACS).

Storage of the digital exams and their corresponding reports was another project start up priority. To manage the combined volume from 38 sites, a shared data repository was built. By the end of 2010 all 38 HDIRS partner health facilities were connected to the shared digital imaging repository. HDIRS currently contains over 25 million diagnostic imaging exams.

Links & Updates

HDIRS is one of 4 Diagnostic Imaging Repositories operating in Ontario as part of eHealth Ontario’s Diagnostic Imaging Program.